How To Cat Proof A Surface


So, my cats like to harass our bird, Sammy the Parakeet. They climb up on top of the fish aquarium canopy and swipe at the bird cage. They even stand on top of the cage when they feel really bored. I was looking for something that doesn’t shock the cats. I also didn’t want to spray some smelly natural product that really only worked for the first day or two. To my surprise the answer came to me by accident. When I built the canopy for our turtle tank, we used a plastic light diffuser panel for the top. Barney jumped up on the top once. That was all it took for him to realize he doesn’t like to stand on it. I’ve taken the time to put panels on the top of the canopy and the bird cage. So far, Barney and Cutie have stayed away from the bird cage!

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