How Glow and Sammy the Parakeets Met…


We just got Glow, a yellow parakeet with a green glow to his body. We felt that it was time to get Sammy a friend. Sammy used to have Boo, who passed away a couple years back. We were not sure how well Sammy would take to a new bird, but we felt bad for him. We decided that the best way was to get a new cage. I am glad we did, because the new cage is so much nicer.

Not So Quick!

You can’t just throw two birds into a cage together and hope that all will be fine. You have to slowly introduce them. First you start them in separate cages and place the cages side by side. This gives the birds a chance to see each other in a safe environment. They will eventually move towards each other in their respective cages. After awhile, you can get a general idea if they will get along.

Supervised Visitation…

Once the birds have had a chance to see each other through the cages, you can take them out and see how well they react to being near each other outside the cages. In the case of Glow and Sammy, they moved right up next to each other. They stayed together and seemed to be very in tune.

Leap of Faith

Sammy made it easy on me. Sammy decided on his own to go into the new cage. He made his own leap of faith and joined Glow in the new cage. I didn’t question it. I quickly closed the cage door and removed his cage from site. I then placed the cage in the place of the old cage, and now we have two happy birds in a single cage. Note, I was not planning on putting them together so fast. I was going to go a few more days with the cages side by side. If you find yourself in the same situation, I hope your birds make it this easy for you!

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