What is a dosing pump used for in maintaining aquariums?


A dosing pump is a small device used to pump a set amount of a chemicals or substances into the water. The dosing pump is designed to release a steady flow into the aquarium tank using different methods. Usually, it involves measuring a specific amount of the chemical into the pump’s chamber and injecting into the frag tank. It is an electric powered motor that is controlled remotely. It will turn it off or on, alert for dryness in the frag tank, and measure the chemicals going in. Its purpose in a saltwater aquarium is to maintain proper elements levels. Many saltwater aquariums include coral and invertebrates that require a great amount of care. The dosing pump will allow easy maintenance and a better environment for these life forms. The change from ocean salt water to a tank is drastic. The dosing pump will allow a similar environment to be accessible for pet owners and with little manual labor.

Coral reefs require the help of dosing pumps to be maintained properly

Calcium is important for any animal from the ocean. It is a building block of life especially for coral reefs. Many of these tanks include corals. Ranges of calcium has to be kept in balance to be a safe environment. There are different types of corals that require different amounts of calcium. As a pet owner, testing and research must be done to identify the proper amount needed to maintain healthy corals. Some complex ones suck the calcium out of the water needing more care and require a dosing pump to have a steady flow of calcium. All types of corals will need some form of calcium and having a dosing pump will make replenishing it easier especially if it is daily.

Aquariums without dosing pumps require more maintenance

Elements and nutrients in a reef aquarium are important in maintaining it. All rates of the depletion of an element vary depending on the pet. It could need more nutrients daily, weekly, or monthly. If a dosing system is set up with the correct amount of flow, then it would be a great benefit the owners and the creatures. The dosing pump will pump the elements into the water automatically without the need of doing it manually. It is a reliable system and are safe, precise, and controlled.

In summary…

Dosing Pumps are important for life in saltwater aquariums. Many species are used to their natural habitat, the ocean. With the dosing pump, a similar environment will be provided. This is essential for the species’ survival. It is easy to set up a pump according to the creature’s necessities and will be beneficial for keeping a regular schedule. Without it, there would be much more hassle and work needed to be done. The dosing pump will be convenient but still effective in having a life sustaining environment.

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