Cloud Services and Surprises You Forget


I am never surprised by the number of photos and videos,  that I forget I took.  I have praised Facebook in the past for reminding me of the great moments from my past.  I had an even bigger surprise after what I consider the biggest catastrophe I could experience.  My computer died!

Yes, dead!  No longer powering up.  A large paper weight.  Let me explain the extent of this situation.  I am a computer geek.  I don’t deny it, and no one in my family would let me.  That computer had my pictures from the time Megan was born.  I thought I might have lost a treasure trove of pictures and video. In the aftermath, I was able to use my tech savy to recover all my files.  In an effort to save these pics to multiple locations, I downloaded the Google Photos app.  I figured spread it around to Apple, Google, My own cloud drive, etc.  Geek-Jerk reaction to almost loosing everything.

To my surprise, When I opened the application for the first time, I already had pictures in my google account.  I thought, that I would share the more touching pictures of Megan with Bonnie and Buster.


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