Cat Wants to Get a Better Look at Turtles


I thought that Barney had pretty much left the turtles alone.

I didn’t think I would have to worry about Cat and Turtles.  I was more concerned with Cat and Parakeets.  I seem to have been wrong.  Barney would occasionally look at the turtles, while standing on the piano.  I have caught Cutie on top of the tank, but Cutie is way to quick for us to get a camera out to document his mischief.  Barney, on the other hand, likes the attention.  He even pauses for us to take a pic with him looking right at the camera.  Leti took these pics of Barney after I left for work this morning.  I can’t believe he does this after I leave the house in the morning!  This is the first time I know of him jumping up on the tank stand.  I have light diffuser panel for the top of this tank, which keeps him off the top.  I may have to setup a camera to catch him in the act…



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