Travel With Your Pet: It’s Easy If You Plan It Smart!


Owning a pet and wanting to travel with your pet it is never easy. Do you know how to plan for it?  If you do, and do it well, the trip could be extra fun! It will keep you free of the worry that comes with leaving your pet alone at home.  However, if you want to travel with your furry companion, you’ve got to plan, or it could end up being a disaster for all concerned.

Types of Pet Travel

Check out the different means available to you to travel with your pet, and how you can make the trip with your pet a success.

By Air

Travelling by air is not the best idea, as there are a lot of limitations and restrictions that you need to abide by. It may sound disturbing, but most airlines think of your pet as cargo. This obligates you to make your pet travel in a crate or pet-carrier, which is never fine for a living being.  If the size of your pet is not too big, you might get lucky and be allowed to place the carrier under the seat in front of you.

In case of bigger pets, cargo is the only option.

You also need to learn every single detail regarding air travel regulations with pets before confirming the journey. Start by checking the pet requirements of the airline you are travelling in, as well as the entry / exit requirements of the country you are travelling from and the country you are travelling to.

Usually, an export license, a veterinary health certificate, and clearance through certificate of pre-export inspection will be required at the time of travel. Ground handling agents are also to be contacted to make arrangements if required.

By Road

If you own a car, this is possibly the best means of travel with your pet. There is a great chance your pet is familiar with the ride you have while making short trips or visiting the vet. This reduces the risk of pets becoming travel-sick or getting anxiety.  Dogs are susceptible to car sickness, so you should know ahead of time if your furry friend can handle a car trip.  More info on handling car sickness for dogs can be found in the post 5 Things to Do When Your Dog Gets Car Sick.  If your pet is not very familiar with your car, take it for short trips before you plan on embarking on a longer journey. Since they are now used to the car, they will be easier to manage.

When doing it for the first time, you must not forget to consult your vet for detailed inspection of your pet for any possible conditions they might face and medications they might need during the ride. The vet should also be asked for tips to travel with pets.

Other Means of Travelling

In addition to air and road, cruise and trains are the other means to travel with your pet that need to be considered when planning a trip.  Cruises and trains, except for a few, don’t allow pets.  If you do choose to use travel on these, you need to check with transporters for their regulations, formalities and other details.

Things to Carry

Make a checklist with necessary travel articles for pets and choose the right ones according to your mode of travel. Make sure you carry a list of top vets and on-call medical help service at the destination. Prepare and keep with you a dog seat belt, treats, leash, harness, clothes, a couple of toys, first aid kit, medications, medical records.  Often overlooked, but seriously needed, always have water and a bowl to keep your travelling companion hydrated. Travel with your pet can be fun and rewarding for both of you.

Have a great journey!

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