5 Things to Do When Your Dog Gets Car Sick


Most dogs suffer from car sickness. Generally, puppies are affected more as they are still in the process of growing up and developing their balance with their ear structure. When the first few times a dog feels nausea at the time of a car ride, the next time it can only relate bad feelings with the ride.

As a result, it gets sick as soon as the ride starts even when it can control its balance. You can do the following things to make your dog feel better.

#1 Make Your Car Ride as Comfortable as Possible

A harness is one of the best ways to make your dog feel comfortable. It feels safe as the harness surrounds its neck. You can also use a carrier for your dog. The carrier tucks in your dog and reduces the possibility for the dog to lose its balance. Likewise, you can use a pressure wrap or a calming collar to control your dog’s anxiety.

Even with the wrap and the collar your dog will be able to see outside the window in the carrier and feel safe during the ride.

#2 Don’t Give it Food before a Ride

A temporary solution to this problem is not to give your dog food before taking it for a car ride. However, if you must give it anything, you can give it a little bit of something sweet. Remember to give it a sweet and not a chocolate. Chocolates can be toxic to your dog but sweets are just fine.

#3 Take Your Dog on Car Rides after a Break of a Couple of Weeks

The break will help him recover from the previous ride. A break in between will also help the dog in forgetting all the bad feelings it had about the previous ride. This way, it will be able to find the next ride bearable. Continuous car rides are not healthy for dogs.

#4 Positive Associations

Use psychological reinforcement to make your dog believe that the car ride is nothing to be afraid of. Attach positive things with the car. Take your dog inside the car when it’s in your driveway. Play a game with it inside the car. Initially, keep the car doors open but gradually start closing the car doors and allow your dog to feel safe inside it. The next time you take it for a car ride, it will think you are playing the game you had played before and will not be afraid of getting sick inside the car this time. Try to take this slowly. Your job is done only when your dog’s tail is in the air instead of between its legs when it climbs into your car.

#5 Car Climate

Use air fresheners, air purifiers and air conditioners. Make sure the air inside your car is not too stuffy. If the dog won’t feel suffocated it will enjoy the car ride.

Dogs are playful creatures. They love car rides. Car sickness takes the fun out of their life. You can treat them. So, do your best to make sure they stay healthy and happy.

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