Your Pet’s Path to a Happy Spring


Owning a pet is no small deal. It is like adopting a child who will never grow up to do things on their own. Pets to their owners are a source of relaxation and happiness, and for that reason, we must be really responsible towards them.  Different guidelines are to be followed in different seasons to keep your pet safe and sound throughout. As spring is about to be sprung, here’s how you can thrash pet problems and despair or boredom that might come with it.

Beating the Seasonal Blues

Your pet should be both healthy and happy; here’s how you can do it best during Spring.

Pet Health

As a pet lover, you should be conscious of taking proper care of the pet, especially with the dangers that come with seasons.

“No-Candy” Regime

Spring usually means staying less at home and more quality time hanging out with your pet outdoors. Since there’s more hanging out and more seasonal occasions like Ester, your pet is more prone to gulping down edibles that are harmful to it. These edibles may include candies or chocolates.  Keep Easter baskets in a place your pet cannot reach. Educate your kids and others around you about how sweet treats are harmful to pets and that they should be kept far from the pet’s reach.

Eliminate Clutter

You definitely pull out more blankets and do less cleaning in the yard in winters because of it being very cold. This increases chance of accumulated mess. The mess may give birth to certain bacteria or termites that can be of danger to your pet. In order to avoid any perilous circumstances, spring cleaning is strongly recommended.

Inspect the Yard

Since spring is a season which brings energy to plants, shrubs, and trees, it can also encourage growth of plants that may be toxic to your dog. In order to eliminate the risk of your pet getting infected with a hazardous outgrowth in the yard, you must have timely spring inspection and mowing (if needed).

Differentiate, Care and Understand

As a pet lover, you must understand that not all pets are the same. One thing that may not be troublesome for your adult dog could be really fatal for a new puppy; or something that’s okay for the cat, may not be that good for a dog. So you need to have good knowledge of such delicacies being a pet-parent.
You must also not forget to take your pet for regular checkups at the vet to beat any seasonal diseases that might intrude.

Pet Happiness

Keeping pets healthy, but not focusing on keeping them happy is not appropriate.  You should plan on activities that are best suited to spring, to keep them happy.   You can take the pets for strolls a little more often in spring or carry their favorite toy(s) along to a nearby park to keep the pet entertained and fresh for a while. Picnics including beach-side days and walks through open landscapes (or any other type your pet loves) could also be a source of pure joy.  All animals have a natural lifestyle in the wild which they cannot experience, being “pets”. For this reason, you should try to let them experience being free and wild by letting them mingle with other pets in spaces designed for the same. Since the weather is not very hot during spring, you can also take pets, especially dogs, for running sessions.

Spring is a pleasant season that can add up a lot to your pet’s health and happiness. Make sure you and your pet make the most of it.

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