The Dos and Don’ts of Pet Grooming


When it comes to owning a dog, it is very important to know the ins and outs of dog grooming.  Dog grooming is easy if you know what is right to do and what is not.

Importance of Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog neat, clean, and well-groomed results in them being happy and having a comparatively longer life span, with little to no health problems.  Following are some basics dos and don’ts you should keep in mind as a dog owner.

The Dos of Pet Grooming

1)     Brushing

Brushing is essential for dogs, be it the teeth or hair. It’s not easy to brush your dog’s teeth, but with proper know-how, you can have a grip on it in no time. Dental issues are common in dogs as they chew hard materials such as bones, resulting in more force being applied, as well as plaque. Brushing strengthens the teeth and helps keep them clean.  Likewise, brushing the hair helps in removing knots and tangles.  It also helps in keeping the fur free of ticks and fleas.

2)     Bathing

It is important to have strict bath schedule and good bath products to keep the dog’s health and mood good. Bathing invigorates dogs and helps keep your dog away from any infections or pain that could be brought in by bacteria or bugs, such as fleas.  A variety of dog products are available, including those for bathing. It is important for you to make the right selection by thoroughly going through product label or reviews available.

3)     Professional Grooming

You do need a pampering session every once in a while, which leads you to good spas. Likewise, your dog craves it too. Professional groomers’ visits let the pet relax, and may cater to any muscular pain your dog has. You may be missing out on something very important when grooming the pet, but the professional won’t.  You should select a professional grooming service very attentively. The place should preferably be more relaxing, less noisy, spacious, and of course, have authentic groomers.

The Don’ts of Pet Grooming

1)     Frequent Bathing

Do not have a tight bathing schedule for your dog.  No matter how good the shampoo, it does have chemicals, which are not good if used very frequently. It can also remove essential natural oils from the skin, resulting in itchiness.  Unnecessary or untimely baths may also result in common diseases such as flu etc.

2)     Untimely Nail Clipping

Dog’s nails grow in a curvy direction i.e. the tips curve down towards the floor as the nails grow. In order to keep your dog from pain/injury, do not forget to have timely nail trimming session.

3)     Excessive, Deep Shaving

Most of the dog owners believe shaving the dog too often and down to the skin can keep them calm during different seasons, which is not really true. The coat is naturally capable of protecting dogs from sunlight and keeping them cool in summers and in winters, the fur adjusts to the season and keeps the dogs warm. Do not go for unnecessary and profound shaving.

4)     Forget to Vaccinate

Do not forget to make regular visits to the vet to get your dog vaccinated and know of any possible infections/diseases that might be developing. Vaccination helps keep dogs healthy and their immune system strong. It also aids fight against fleas and other pests.

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