5 Of The Best Dogs for Kids and Families


You know what they say – “a dog is a man’s most faithful companion.” We suggest everyone to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend in their lives, if not two.  You will soon see that a dog will eventually become your kid’s playmate, confidant, and ultimately their best friend!  So, have a look at the types of dogs which can be best for your family and kids!

1.     Beagle

Hound dog English Beagle on meadow

Children love dogs that are friendly and energetic. And Beagles are exactly one of those kinds. They are active companions who are always jumping and running around making them the perfect choice for your playful kids.  Keep in mind, that Beagles need proper exercise and attention. Without them, they can easily become stubborn and restless. So, games and regular walks are a staple for them. This will also encourage your child to be active and healthy.


2.     Bulldogs

american bulldog

One of the best dogs for family and kids are bulldogs. Bulldogs are a loving, gentle breed who loves to play with kids. They have the ability to build a strong bond with adults too. Hence, they make the perfect companion for the entire family.  Another great quality of bulldogs is that they are trained to guard the house. They have a strong tendency to immediately sense when something is wrong and dubious.


3.     Bichon Frise

Bichon frise

Don’t we all like to meet dogs who immediately make us want to hug and pet them? Well, Bichon Frises are definitely such a prize. Seeing their cute fluffy white fur will instantly put a big smile on your face. Their vivacious energy makes them super adorable.  Since they are an active breed they prefer to get involved in many fun games and exercise.


4.     Collie

Rough Collie

Collies are considered to be the best dogs as they are very friendly to kids. They are smart, faithful and really adorable; all of the reasons that will surely make you want to adopt one.  Moreover, they are very social in nature and love to be around people. They are naturally considered to be the family-friendly dogs.  However, you need to remember some important things before you bring a collie into your house. First of all, collies are very sensitive. So, keep them neat and clean to prevent them from getting infections. Their grooming can be a bit difficult too since they shed a lot. Proper brushing and combing is necessary and you will have to make time for their thorough grooming.


5.     Irish Setter

Running setter

This type of dog is not just a kid- friendly animal but is perhaps one of the best-looking. Its silky red fur, long ears and slender body make for a gorgeous pup!  This dog breed is intelligent, fun and affectionate. Your kids and family members will always be happy around him.



These are just a few of the types of dogs which you can definitely choose to adopt from. Having one of these dogs, as an addition to your family, is sure to make your family happy.




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