How to Care for Your Cockatiel


Cockatiels are known for being one of the most lovable birds. They are lively and will add a great aura to your home. However, it is important that they are looked after in the right manner. This includes ensuring they get the adequate amount of food and the right housing space, etc.   

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to care for your cockatiel that’ll not only help them but it’ll help you as well. Remember if your cockatiel is well looked after, then it’ll be even livelier and you’ll have more fun with it. 


Your cockatiel will have to have a balanced diet so that’s something you’ll need to make sure of. Provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds as well as specialized pellets. Apart from that, make sure that your cockatiel always has access to freshwater that is clean and chlorine-free. Make sure to change the water on a daily basis. There are some foods that you should never give your cockatiel, such as chocolate, avocado, caffeine and fruit seeds.  


These birdies need a spacious enough place for them to live and comfortably spread their wings. Therefore, when picking a cage, make sure that it’s not too small or else your bird could feel suffocated. They should have enough place not to hit their wings against anything. Cockatiels are social birds so it wouldn’t be fair to trap them in a small cage. A larger space will give them the option of stretching their feet and this will prevent them from getting arthritis.  

Also, be mindful of extreme temperature changes as that could affect your bird. The area where the cage is placed should be well-lit. While it’s okay for them to share the cage with other cockatiels, it’s not ideal for them to share it with other birds.  


Cockatiels are beautiful creatures and that means that they need their grooming so you will have to pay attention to that. Bathe them with filtered chlorine-free water. In addition to that, clip their feathers in the right manner to help prevent injuries. Their nails should also be trimmed but again, make sure to do it correctly otherwise get a professional to do it because if not done properly it can injure them. 


These birds are known to be social animals so you will have to give them enough care and attention. They bond easily with their pet parents and owners so make sure not to deprive them of that. You can even provide them with toys, which are a great source of mental stimulation for them. Keep a constant check on your birds and a special lookout for any warning signs, some of which include a runny nose, loss of appetite, swollen or red eyes, soiled feathers, wheezing, coughing, discolored stool etc. In case you do witness any of these, take your cockatiel to the vet before it starts to get worse. 


Follow these and you should be good to go! They’ll ensure that your cockatiel is comfortable and feeling right at home.  

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