You and Your Bearded Dragon Can Benefit from A Bioactive Vivarium


Bearded Dragons are one of the most common pets when it comes to reptiles in the United States. Despite that, the problem lies about where and how to keep these reptiles.  If you choose to keep them on sand, tiles or any other unnatural surface, then time and energy will have to be spent on maintaining them. You will have to spend time on routine cleaning; disinfecting, etc. If left unattended, it can even become an unsanitary living environment for your dragon. This can have serious health issues for them, such as infections.  

Where Should You Keep Bearded Dragons?

Now you must be wondering what the solution to this is. Where should they be kept? The answer to that is that they should be kept in a bioactive vivarium. Before we delve into this any further, let us first understand what a bioactive vivarium is in the first place.   

What is a Bioactive Vivarium?

It is an enclosure that uses living organisms in the best possible way to clean up organic matter caused by plants, animals decomposing food, and mold caused by a lack of airflow.  Bioactive vivarium are increasing in popularity and are more and more appealing to people as they become aware of their advantages. There are many benefits of having a bioactive vivarium for both you and your bearded dragon. Here are some of the top ones. 

 1. A Healthier Environment

It will provide your pet with a clean and stable place to live. Here, they can do exactly what they want without having to worry about anything, and you won’t have to worry either! They can dig, burrow and even lay their eggs without harming the environment. It’ll also provide your dragon with a better level of enrichment in the form of sensory stimulus.   Overall, it’ll be a much more wholesome and fulfilling experience for your pet where they feel like they are almost in their natural habitat. It’ll provide your dragon with a healthy environment, stimulating their growth as well.  

 2. Less maintenance

There will also be a lot less maintenance for you as compared to other living conditions. This is because since it’s a natural enclosure, you can count on nature to do half the work. It’ll clean the place itself and you only have to overlook it let’s say once a week. They decrease the amount of time and money that you have to spend on maintenance. However, that being said they do require their own kind of maintenance in order to stay functional but it’s not nearly as much as compared to unnatural enclosures. 

If you don’t have one yet it’s time to start looking into it and getting it for your bearded dragon. It’ll make them a lot happier in a natural habitat and it’ll be a lot less work for you too. It is natural and therefore a more sustainable option, which is great for the environment.

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