Animal Celebration Days: January 5th National Bird Day


January 5th is National Bird Day, a day set aside to pay homage to our feathered friends, whether they be your favorite pet parakeet or the cardinal that visits the tree in your yard every year. This day is scheduled to coincide with the end of the Annual Christmas Bird Count which focuses on wild native birds. At the conclusion of this event, we turn our attention to the captive avian friends that bring so much joy to our lives and homes.

Why Do We Need A National Bird Day?

With so many birdie moms and dads in the country, National Bird Day brings attention to the way that we treat and care for birds in captivity. Issues such as happiness for the pet, appropriate diet, health care and housing are all important to the overall health and lifespan of your favorite beaky buddy. It’s important to raise awareness of illegal bird trade for domestic pets and its impact on wild bird populations. Many species of parrots face extinction if this trade is not curbed. All domestic birds are helped by raising awareness of their needs as companion pets as well as what is affecting their populations in the wild.

What Should A Bird Lover Do To Celebrate National Bird Day?

As a bird lover, you can celebrate National Bird Day in a variety of ways. Plan a special day for your pet including favorite activities and special treats. Since bringing a bird to work is frowned upon in many industries, take a cherished picture of your special friend instead, to share with coworkers. Take the time to educate yourself about the plight of native species and captive animals alike, then share that information with someone who you think might be interested.

Use Your Knowledge To Educate Others.

A bird lover like yourself can offer much to help the welfare of both captive and wild birds. Do some research and put out a bird feeder filled with high nutrient foods to help the non migrating birds survive the long winter months. Start a conversation in your community about the importance of birds on our ecosystem and how others can help. Sign up with your local animal shelter to be a foster home for abandoned birds. Help educate your community about the benefits of using only reputable breeders, rather than buying from questionable sources who are depleting parrots and other birds in the wild.

Birds can be amazing pets as they are intelligent, loving and often lead much longer lives than a dog or cat. Be sure to consider the lifespan when buying or adopting a bird as some owners may die before their pet does in the case of parrots. In these cases, owners must consider provisions in their will to make sure their loyal friend is cared for after their demise. Birds are not simple pets to keep, they can be fragile and their needs can be very specific, but they make great pets and perfect long term companions for many.

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