Pawsome Productivity: How to Survive Take Your Cat to Work Day without Going Crazy

What is Take Your Cat to Work Day?


If you thought “Take Your Cat to Work Day” was just a made-up excuse for cat lovers to bring their furry friends to the office, think again! This quirky holiday actually exists and will be celebrated on June 20th this year (2023). It’s a day where cat owners are encouraged to bring their feline companions into their workplaces, and it can be a purrfect opportunity to boost morale and create a pawsitive work environment.

The benefits of having cats in the office

Having cats in the office may sound like a recipe for chaos, but it actually has several surprising benefits. Studies have shown that the presence of cats can reduce stress and anxiety levels in employees. The soothing purrs and gentle cuddles from a furry friend can do wonders for your mental well-being. Cats also have a knack for boosting productivity. Their calming presence can help you focus on your tasks and increase your concentration. Plus, let’s not forget the entertainment factor! Who needs a coffee break when you have a playful kitten chasing a paperclip around your desk?

Tips for preparing your cat for a day at the office

Before you embark on this feline-filled adventure, it’s important to prepare your cat for a day at the office. Start by making sure your cat is comfortable with their carrier. Place familiar bedding and toys inside to create a cozy space. Gradually introduce your cat to the sounds and smells of your workplace by bringing them into your home office or spending time in the car with them. This will help them acclimate to the new environment and reduce any potential anxiety.

Creating a cat-friendly workspace

Once you arrive at the office, it’s time to set up a cat-friendly workspace. Make sure your cat has a designated area where they can retreat to when they need some alone time. Set up a cozy bed or blanket, along with their favorite toys and scratching post. It’s also important to provide them with access to fresh water and a litter box. If your office allows it, consider placing a cat tree near your desk so your furry friend can perch and observe their surroundings.

Dealing with potential challenges and distractions

While having a cat at work can be incredibly rewarding, it’s not without its challenges. One of the biggest hurdles you may face is dealing with potential distractions. Cats are curious creatures and may be tempted to explore every nook and cranny of your office. To avoid any mishaps, make sure your workspace is cat-proofed. Keep potentially hazardous items, such as wires and toxic plants, out of reach. You may also want to invest in some interactive toys to keep your cat entertained and occupied throughout the day.

Fun activities to do with your cat at work

Working with your cat doesn’t have to be all about productivity. Take some time to have fun and bond with your furry friend. Set up a mini obstacle course using office supplies like cardboard boxes and tunnels made out of paper. Engage in a game of “paw-ball” using crumpled-up pieces of paper as makeshift soccer balls. If your cat enjoys being groomed, keep a brush handy and give them a relaxing grooming session during your break. Remember, a happy cat makes for a happy workday!

Cat-friendly office supplies and gadgets

To make your cat’s workday a little more enjoyable, consider investing in some cat-friendly office supplies and gadgets. Look for a cat hammock that can be attached to the underside of your desk, giving your cat a cozy spot to nap while you work. Catnip-filled mouse toys can provide endless entertainment, and a window perch can give your cat a front-row seat to the outside world. You can even find cat-themed desk accessories, like a cat-shaped tape dispenser or a paw-shaped mouse pad, to show off your feline love.

Etiquette for colleagues and visitors

While you may be over the moon about having your cat at work, it’s important to consider the comfort and safety of your colleagues and any visitors to your office. Not everyone may share your love for cats or may have allergies. Make sure to check with your coworkers beforehand to ensure they are okay with having a cat in the office. Keep your cat’s area clean and odor-free by regularly scooping the litter box and keeping any food or treats stored securely. And remember, not everyone may want to interact with your cat, so be respectful of their boundaries.

Celebrating National Take Your Cat to Work Day

National Take Your Cat to Work Day is a paw-some opportunity to celebrate the bond between humans and their feline friends. Organize a fun-filled day at the office with cat-themed decorations, treats, and activities. Consider hosting a “best-dressed cat” contest or a photo booth where employees can snap pictures with their furry coworkers. You could even arrange a visit from a local animal rescue organization to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption. However you choose to celebrate, make sure it’s a day that leaves everyone with a smile on their face and a newfound appreciation for our feline friends.


Take Your Cat to Work Day is not just another quirky holiday. It’s a chance to create a pawsitive and productive work environment. With a little preparation, a cat-friendly workspace, and some fun activities, you can survive this special day without going crazy. So, grab your cat carrier, pack up your furry friend, and get ready for a day filled with purrs, playfulness, and a whole lot of productivity!

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