Turtle Tank and ReptiDay in Ft. Lauderdale May 20, 2017


We had another fun day checking out the reptiles and exotic animals. I mention the exotic animals, because there were hedgehogs, sugar gliders and even a monkey at the show. I’m not exactly comfortable around the snakes, but the rest of the reptiles I enjoy seeing. This visit to Repticon’s ReptiDay was a planned visit. About a month ago, Leti and I decided it was time to give Megan her very own aquarium. She helps me clean our other two aquariums and I always feel bad that she asks to put SpongeBob in my planted aquarium, and I always talk her out of it. She outmaneuvered us on this one. We told her it was going to be her aquarium to decide what goes in it. She gets to pick the gravel, the fish and the decor. I picked out a spot and began to buy the best equipment and largest aquarium we could fit in the spot. I assumed it would be a saltwater aquarium. We had just been to Reef-A-Palooza. No brainer…

When Your Six Year old Uses Logic (“but we don’t have turtles.”)

I say, “So, Pumpkin, What would you like to put in your aquarium?” The answer I got back was turtles. I say, “I thought we were going to do a saltwater tank with Nemo?” The answer I got back was, that “we already have two aquariums with fish, but we don’t have turtles.” As it goes, we now have a 60 gallon 24 inch cube aquarium with overflow and a Trigger Systems Amethyst Cube Sump. Luckily, there was another Repticon for us to attend to get our turtles.

The Tank Stand and Canopy Build

In my household, we are allowed to build things to go into the house. The catch is that they have to look nice when they are done. For this tank, I am building both the stand and canopy from scratch. The tank will have just enough space to house the sump under the aquarium. The canopy will have a turtle topper with sliding doors. All the bells and whistles… At least that is what I started out to build… As Turtle Week continues, I will share more and more of the turtle tank build. Here are some pictures to get you thinking. I especially hope that you like my two quality control managers that ensure everything is built to code…

All week long, we will be posting turtle articles and updates on the turtle tank build…

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