Pet Rabbits: Why They Make Great Pets


If you’re looking into getting a new pet, and considering a rabbit, you’re making a great choice for a family with older children or no children. Rabbits are great pets, and very loving and fun to own. They respond to their names, can be litter-trained, and don’t sulk like cats.

If you’re looking at a rabbit as a pet, you probably already know that as pets for small children, rabbits are not the best choice. They are timid and fragile, and rabbits and young children are not a good combination. However, older children and teens, as well as adult humans, make great companions for pet rabbits, and rabbits enjoy lots of attention and love from their people.

Rabbits, in addition to being cuddly, are extremely intelligent, and will try to outsmart you by attempting to get out of their cages and get into things you don’t intend. They’ll also play and enjoy your attention. Rabbits are very interactive and love playing and just being with you. If you rabbit-proof your home, or part of it, rabbits love to roam around. Just make sure they can’t get into anything they shouldn’t.

Rabbits do not enjoy being held as much as some pets, but if you let them get used to you and hold them gently, many rabbits will come to you and let you hold them. They like just being with you, like cats do, but are generally more social than cats.

Rabbits are quiet, which is a nice trait in a pet, especially if you live in an apartment, and take up a relatively small space. You will need a cage about five times as large as your rabbit, but this is a very small space compared to some large pets, and you can put the cage in an area where it’s convenient for you; rabbit cages don’t get underfoot, either, like some pets.

If you want a smart, fun, and beautiful pet, a rabbit is perfect. You will have rabbit hair everywhere, and you’ll learn that rabbits are often smarter than humans. You’ll enjoy playing and talking with your rabbit, and you’ll start spending time with your rabbit just to enjoy her company.

One thing is for sure. If you bring home a rabbit, and spend the time to learn her habits, play with her and take her out to give her plenty of attention and love, you’ll soon fall in love. And do not be surprised if, when you fall in love, you realize that your rabbit is lonely and needs another bunny friend. In fact, don’t be surprised if your rabbits multiply by the method of human intervention—in the form of a human bringing home a new rabbit.

As pets, rabbits are friendly, fun, playful, energetic, smart and loving. They’re everything most people look for in a pet, and more. They are relatively easy to care for, fun to have around, and extremely beautiful and endearing. You might just find that a rabbit (or more than one) is the perfect pet for your family.

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