Your Dog’s Daily Diet


Just like us humans, animals need a steady and balanced supply of nutrition. Animal’s balanced nutrition may differ from that of humans, but the contents remain the same. To keep healthy and going, dogs need foods that contain energy, proteins and other minor nutrients, fats that include essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and essential micro-nutrients.

Pre-Packaged Foods

The pre-packaged foods that you buy for your dogs should contain all of the above contents. Read the label for the approval of feed control organizations. All pre-packaged foods might not necessarily have all of the right contents unfortunately, but it is your duty to feed your dog a healthy diet, so buy the one that is good for your pet. Also, whatever you buy, it has to taste good if you want your dog to eat it. Animals have a very keen sense of taste so make sure you are satiating their taste buds.

Home Cooked Meals

The raw food revolution has taken humans and animals by the storm alike. This approach towards diet is more natural and healthier than having your pet to gulp down pre-packaged foods. The only thing you have to keep in mind is providing the right balance of nutrients to your dog. You can offer a variety of blends to your pet rather than the same processed meal every day out of a bag. While taking the charge of your dog’s meals in your hands, you need to be careful and well researched upon what and how you should feed your dog. Raw mince or cooked bones aren’t something you would want to feed your dog. Other meats work perfectly fine.

A Balanced Diet

Finding the perfect balance of nutrition is what you are looking for all the time to keep your dog’s health well. You need to be well informed on the subject. Insisting on the fact that dogs are carnivores isn’t entirely true. Dogs are actually omnivores and enjoy their fruits and veggies just as much as meat. It’s all about how you condition your pet.

Combination Is Key

You cannot feed your dog entirely raw food or entirely cooked food. Combination is the key in this case. You can serve your dog cooked mince with raw baby carrots or red peppers. Your dog will definitely love a diversified meal. Your purpose should be incorporating all the micronutrients that are essential for your dog’s health so design combinations of meals that serve variety and health all at once.

Dental Health Care

One of the main concerns when feeding your dog pre-packaged food is his dental health. When your dog is solely eating packaged food, he doesn’t really need to chew the content of his meal. When the teeth and gums aren’t being used, they aren’t being cleaned and dental health is being compromised. On the other hand, if you feed hard shin bones to your dog, it can fracture the dog’s teeth. So, you have to be very careful about what you feed to your dog.

Striving for balance is what you require if you want to keep your dog healthy. Serving a combination of foods is the best approach for the purpose.

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