Healthy Treats for Your Dog



Feeding your pet dog, dry dog food all the time is convenient but it might not be appropriate all the time. Dogs do need nourishment from natural food products as well just like we humans do. You need to treat this loyal friend with a healthy treat or two every once in a while. Although you might not know about it and for you, feeding dog food might be the only right way to go about it, but there are many food products including fruits and vegetables that offer healthy nutrition for your dog. Treating your dog with these healthy foods every now and then is very beneficial for his health. Let’s see what foods you can share with your dog.


Cabbage from the vegetable family is cancer fighting and is very good for your dog’s health if given in small amounts regularly. Steam some cabbage and add to your dog’s food for a healthier option. Remember, too much of cabbage results in gas so keep your hand a little tight on this treat.

Frozen Sardines

Sardines are extremely rich in omega and are one of dogs’ favorite treats for their amazing taste. Whole sardines because of their small size can easily be fed to dogs. Always keep your freezers stocked with a bag or two of these crunchy cold sardines to treat your pet friend.

Brown Rice

Though not a treat very good in taste but brown rice is a very healthy option especially for dogs with upset stomachs.


Pumpkins are very healthy option to add to your dog’s everyday meal. Rich in beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, iron and many other nutritious contents, oven baked pureed or canned pumpkins (unsweetened) do a great job for your dog’s healthy treat. Pumpkins can also help your dog shed some weight without making it feeling hungry because of low fat and high fiber content.

Red Peppers

Red peppers make a tasty sweet treat that is loved by dogs. Feed your dog raw sliced red peppers or slice and freeze for a cool sweet treat later.


Apples contain calcium and vitamin C and make a very healthy treat for dogs. Dogs love sweet crisp apple slices, however, be sure to remove the core and any seeds before feeding apples to your dog.


Pick a raw baby carrot or two for a yummy on the go treat for your dog. You can also steam and puree carrots for a healthy dog dinner. Freezing carrots can also make sweet and crunchy cool treats to make your dog happy.


Cauliflower is a cancer fighting vegetable and is very healthy for your dog. Dogs usually love cauliflower when fed raw to them. In case your little friend isn’t a cauliflower lover, chop the vegetable up and sprinkle over your dog’s meal but in small portions.


Dogs would love to have a bite of cheese so treat your dog with this healthy dairy product after a good day of training. Just keep check on the calories though.

Dried Apricots

For dogs with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect treat. Good for on the go snack and for a regular addition to meals too, dry apricots can make a great dog treat.


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