Pay Attention Human – Learn What Your Cat Wants From You


Wondering if your cat is hungry, needs its own space or wants your attention? “But I don’t speak cat? How am I supposed to know? It says “meow” to everything.” Is that what you are thinking? Worry no more as we bring to you the ultimate guide to knowing what your cat is demanding, so better pay attention human because you don’t want to end up getting scratched or facing that cat-titude. Be the purr-fect human for your cat and earn the love that you desire from this fuzzy creature.

If you are facing some trouble with understanding what your cat might want, do not worry because it is only natural. Focus instead on your cat’s responses to know better of these felines’ requirements.

Meows and Meanings

Despite the fact that a cat’s only response to everything is “meow”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it always wants food. Every sound of a cat has a different meaning, and here is how you can differentiate between them.

Chirps and Trills

This is usually meant for a commandment to follow the animal. If your cat chirps or trills at you, it means it wants you to follow them to their food bowl maybe. If you own more than a cat then you might experience listening to this sound often as cats might use it to converse with each other. A mother cat also uses this sound for her little ones to follow her.


Purring is a sign of contentment. Cats mostly purr when they are happy. Sometimes, a cat purring may be reflective of the fact that the animal is sick or in pain and is purring to comfort itself.

Growling, Hissing or Spiting

You do not want to be around when your cat is in such moods. This usually conveys that the cat is irritated, frightened, angry or aggressive.

Yowls or Howls

These sound like prolonged and loud “meows”. Yowls or howls suggest that your cat is in some kind of distress, stuck somewhere or needs you to find it. Find your cat immediately. In case you have an unneutered and unspayed cat, the sounds are referred to mating behavior. If your cat is elderly, it might be suffering from dementia, which makes them annoyed and results in such sounds.

Chattering or Twittering

It is a sound that your cat makes when sitting at the window or at play outside the house. The sound is in response to watching other creatures like birds and squirrels.

Body Basics

In addition to the sounds, you can understand your cat better by paying attention to these physical displays:

  • Arched back, standing fur: shows anger or fright.
  • Arched back, flat fur: Demands or welcomes your touch.
  • Lying on back purring: shows relaxation.
  • Lying on back growling: shows dissatisfaction or anger.
  • Erected tail, flat fur: shows happiness, curiosity or attentiveness.
  • Tail straight up, quivering: shows excitement or signs of mating behavior.
  • Tail held low and tucked between legs: shows insecurity

Cats display these responses to let you know of their conditions. It is now your job to focus on how your cat is acting and fulfill its needs respectively.

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