Cute girl touches puppy on the hands of her mother.

Get, Set, Pet: Getting Acquainted With Your New Pup

Dogs make the most loyal pets undoubtedly, but earning this loyalty can be a long way to go. When you bring a new puppy to your home, it may take time to get to know and settle with each other for the both of you. A new puppy might get anxious or feel disturbed on the first day in your home. It is then your job to make the little fuzzy friend feel comfortable and at home. The puppy might be coming to a house full of kids or to a single owner but the basics for all remain the same. Deal with your pet with patience for the first few days and it will reward you definitely with its unmatched affection.

Setting up His Space

When you bring a puppy home, specify a part of your home for the new member. Setting up his confined space will create a sense of comfort for the puppy and will also help you to maintain a specific sleeping or potty training area. Use fencing to set up the puppy space. Within this space, provide your puppy with water or bedding.

Familiarizing Through Scents

When you bring your new puppy home from the shelter or breeder, ask for a piece of its scented bedding to bring along. This will help the puppy feel comfortable and familiar with the new space. After a few days, replace the cloth with something that contains more of your scent so that the animal can feel familiar and comfortable around you.

Attention is Mandatory

When you bring a new puppy home, make sure you pay attention to the little friend. The animal might be feeling insecure or anxious at this time and requires you to comfort him. Spend time with the new animal and in case you have other people around the house, introduce the puppy to them gradually not to frighten the animal with a surprise crowd.

Paw Patrol

Supervise your puppy at all times especially if you have children in or around the house. A puppy new to your home might misinterpret the playful excitement approaches or noises of children and take a defensive stance. Maintain rules around the house with your children to provide the animal a safe environment. Focus on your animal’s reflexes.

Initial Training

The most important of the trainings session is to potty train your puppy. Make sure your puppy is using the designated restricted area of the house for this purpose. A few puppy accidents are sure to happen in the beginning but it is essential that you focus on your pet’s training to avoid any mess.

Puppy Classes

A lot of places offer puppy training classes where you can accompany your little friend and learn about its basic nature and instincts. You can learn better about how to take care of your puppy in these classes. This also provides the puppy with a chance to socialize with other dogs. Getting acquainted with this fuzzy friend might take time and attention in the early days but maintaining a steady course of action can strengthen your relationship with your new pet and create a forever lasting bond.

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