Paws Right There – Training Your Dog Right


Is this your very first time having a dog for a pet? Clueless about how to train your fuzzy friend? Is “fetch” the only training you know of? It is very normal to face some troubles with training your dog initially since it might be your first time too. Training a dog can prove to be a lengthy process and you have to take it step by step. Your dog will not just evolve into a trained one within a day. You have to give it some time and effort. The dog training process also depends on your skills with the animal. The animal wouldn’t learn itself. You have to teach him. Here are a few steps you can take to train your dog and achieve the loyal companionship of this fuzzy fellow.

Getting Started

Your dog’s proper training requires proper socialization and training knowledge. It is better to start training your dog as soon s possible. In the beginning the idea of training your dog might seem very exciting, but remember not to get carried away because it will take some time. Set a basic foundation program for your dog’s training. Engage your dog in training activities through rewards and positive reinforcement. Use toys to train your dog.

Tools and Training Supplies

Read about the tools you might require during your dog training process. There aren’t a lot of tools that you might need. Dog training can be a good way to go about it. You might need the help of a professional dog trainer in some cases. Getting a dog trainer doesn’t mean that you aren’t good with handling your pet. A little help never hurts anyone so do not be disappointed if you require some assistance to get the job done.

House Training

In case you are not planning to keep your dog out of the house, which is the right way to follow, house training is a necessity. House training or potty training is teaching your dog where to eliminate. There will be some dog accidents in the beginning, but the sooner you train your dog, the better it is for you. To learn more, see our article “How to Housetrain Your Pup.”

Leash Training

Leash training is required to teach your dogs how to walk on a leash. In the beginning the dog might tug or pull away but with little time and training you can teach your dog to keep on a leash. A loose leash walk will be an enjoyable training experience for you and your friend.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a method of positive reinforcement used to train dogs. It is alright to train your dog without a clicker but many people find it very helpful. You can use a clicker to teach your dog any easy or advance commandments and also the fun tricks. To learn more about clicker training, see our article, “Clicker Training Your Dog.”

Fun Tricks

Teaching your dog some fun tricks is always what you want. You can start teaching your dog the basic commandments first and then move to the next step of teaching it some fun tricks to create a more friendly and playful relationship between the two of you. Training your dog might take a little more time than you actually anticipated, but you will love every minute of it. Just show some patience and love towards your friend and you two will have the best time together later.

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