Here Kitty- A Guide for Newbie Cat Owners


Fluffy and furry, these creatures are just adorable. Cats undoubtedly make great pets. Cats can be playful and friendly if they are treated the right way. To build up the affection between the owner and the furry friend, it is very important to take the cats’ general attributes into account. Building up the affiliation can be a little tricky in the beginning, specifically if you are a newbie at the task. First timers tend to make mistakes with their cats due to lack of knowledge on the subject. Cats need to be treated very attentively as they are extremely sensitive creatures.
You don’t want your cat to walk away from under your hand when you pet it just because you are doing it the wrong way. Here is a guide for all the newbie cat owners or for those who are planning to bring one into their homes.

The Need for Solitude

Cats are mostly independent creatures and prefer their own space. Your cat might not be very clingy in the beginning and it may take time for it to develop that warm relationship with you. Try not to get discouraged if your cat takes its corner away from you in the beginning or doesn’t quite enjoy sitting on your lap. Give it time and bare its kitty-tantrums. It will prove to be one loving companion with a little more time.

Milk and Cats — Not Necessarily

As much as it resides in our heads that cats love milk, it might not be entirely true. Cats require a stable supply of protein. Cat foods offer the right blends of nutrients required by the animal. Getting a good quality and branded cat food is very important as low quality cat foods can cost you a trip to the vet. Also, some cats can be lactose intolerant, so milk isn’t the best choice in that case; plain water can be just the right thing.

Litter Box Maintenance

A cat will not use a litter box, if it is unpleasant to its feet. Litter box maintenance might become as an issue for newbie cat owners, but to avoid getting your home dirty, litter box maintenance is a dire need.
In case your cat is urinating outside the litter box despite proper maintenance, it can be a result of urinary tract problem. Take your pet to a vet immediately.

Grooming These Beauties

Cats are naturally clean animals and require little grooming. Cats’ brushes and combs are easily available. Long haired cats need brushing daily. Waterless shampoo and wipes are also available to keep your cats clean.

Vaccines and Veterinarian requirements

The rabies vaccine is the one required by law and has to be updated at all times. The feline distemper vaccine is the core vaccine for all cats to have. Your veterinarian should know about your cat’s lifestyle in order for the right prescription of vaccines for your cat.

As a newbie cat owner, you might face some trouble getting adapted to the animal’s requirements but eventually you will embrace all the basics needed to win this animal’s love and affection.

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