Grooming Your Guinea Pigs


Keeping a guinea pig as a pet is not as difficult as grooming it. A well-groomed guinea pig can become an object of admiration in your home, but a badly groomed guinea pig will shower you with plenty of bad compliments. So, why take the chance of spoiling your impression as a bad pet lover? Simply, learn some tips of grooming your cute guinea pig. Not only are the well-groomed guinea pigs pretty to look at but are healthy and happy reflecting that you care for them. Read on to know about some grooming tips for your own guinea pig.

Clipping Guinea Pig’s Nails

Clipping the nails form an essential part of grooming a guinea pig. Though not liked by these pigs, clipping the nails is necessary for them and that too on a regular basis. If nothing else, you can plan to clip the nails of your pig once a month to keep it healthy and well groomed. Mentioned below are some tips for clipping the nails of a guinea pig:

  • Place the pig on your lap while facing out its stomach and then prepare to clip its nails.
  • Try to hold the pig softly and lightly around the tummy while clipping its nails.
  • Always use nail clippers to cut the tip of the nails, especially the ones on the back and front of the feet.
  • Always clip about ¼-inch of the nails or a bit less ensuring the safety of your guinea pig.

Tips for Grooming Guinea Pigs

Once the nails are clipped, try to focus on other factors for grooming your small cuddly pet. Apart from the nails, hair and tail need to be well groomed to keep your guinea pig health and happy. Mentioned below are some tips for grooming your guinea pig:

  • Always brush your pig to make it look pleasing.
  • While brushing, do check the skin of the pig and ensure that your pig is not suffering from any skin problem.
  • Try to comb out mats from your pig’s hair.
  • Try to repeat all these grooming tips on a regular basis, repeating them on a daily basis will be most ideal for the neatness and health of your guinea pig.

Precautions for Grooming Guinea Pigs

When we say groom your guinea pig, remember we don’t urge you to do it sacrificing the safety of your pig. Some precautions need to be taken care of always to keep the guinea pig at a safer side during a grooming session. For your help, we present you with a list of some precautions and warnings that should not be neglected while grooming your guinea pig:

  • Try to use your judgment wisely while clipping the nails of your guinea pig, which has dark nails. As dark nails, hardly give a fair idea of how much needs to be clipped.
  • In case, you have by mistake cut the pig’s nail into the quick, then quickly apply a bit of cornstarch at that place to ensure the safety of the pig.
  • The idea of giving your guinea pig a bath often tempts the pet lovers, but this is quite contrary to the liking of the pigs themselves, which doesn’t really like bathing. Moreover, they don’t really need to be given a bath often.
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