Animal Celebration Days: National Ferret Day April 2nd


National Ferret Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to educating the public and ferret owners about the lively and intelligent domestic ferret. It is celebrated each year on April 2, and gives ferret lovers a chance to educate themselves and others about the beautiful critter that takes the heart of so many. When you have a domestic ferret in your life, this holiday is also a great time to celebrate your bond and love for one another.

Educating the Public

Each year, organizations such as the American Ferret Association hold educational events to teach the public to respect and be responsible around ferrets. They teach that while ferrets are domesticated animals, it’s important to be responsible around them, just as you would be around a dog or cat. For example, you should not tease them, nor take away a toy they are actively playing with. Also, if the ferret does not want to be held, don’t hold them back. Of course, there is much more to being respectful and responsible around a ferret than just these three tips. If you are unaware of how to treat someone’s pet ferret, consider going to one of the many educational events that take place on National Ferret Day.

Educating Ferret Owners

Like any domesticated animal, the ferret has special needs and wants. This includes everything from diet and health to care and welfare. Often, people adopt or buy a ferret without understanding its needs and desires, and this can lead to serious problems in the ferret’s health and care. First-time owners should read up on what it takes to care for and maintain a ferret.

Celebrating Your Ferret

On this day, you can celebrate your ferret being in your life in many ways. Buy them a new treat such as chicken jerky or chicken baby food and try it out on them (ferrets do not always like the food we offer). Buy a new toy for your ferret. Let your ferret out of their cage for some free-range play and some snuggle time. Finally, you can invite a friend over that has ferrets and let them play together for a great socialization time that any ferret would love. Any way you do it, make this day extra special for your ferret!

A time to educate people about the ferret and celebrate the one in your life, National Ferret Day is a fun but instructional holiday all about the fuzzy critters you call your own.

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