Animal Celebration Days: July 11th All American Pet Photo Day


You’ve seen the pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos of dogs doing special, funny things that make people smile. Everyday, thousands of pictures are taken of ‘man’s best friend’. Now there is a holiday set aside just to celebrate: July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day.

About the Holiday

No one really knows where or how this holiday started, but popularity is gaining with every passing year. Vet clinics, dog training facilities, pooch day cares and pampering services all get in on the fun. Sometimes contests are promoted for the best picture. Others hold parades in doggie parks. This is the day to take your pet to your favorite spot and snap the best picture ever of them.

Dress and Props

Do you have a favorite outfit for Bone Crusher (your Chihuahua)? Dress the dog up in superhero costumes, fancy bows, capes and glittery collars. Hats, glasses and tutus – nothing is off limits today. Use bones, squeaky toys, ropes, frisbees – whatever your canine companion likes – to get the perfect shot. Prop your pet on a pillow, in a chair, on the tailgate of your truck – anywhere your pet will be safe. Then, start snapping those pictures.

If your dog is active and you are handy with a camera, try some action shots. Jumping hurdles, leaping into the air after a ball or fetching a stick can all turn out great pictures of your pup in action.

Enter the Photos

After you take all of the photos you want, it’s time to decide which one is best. This is based on your personal preference. You may want the one that really shows your dog’s personality. The water splashing as your dog jumps in may be your favorite. Try to choose one that has good quality and lighting. Others don’t know your dog, however they will relate to him based on the picture. Make sure it’s a good one! You could win contest prizes like dog food, bedding or toys, gift certificates or even cash depending on the sponsors.

Who Benefits From All American Pet Photo Day?

Plenty of people will benefit from this annual celebration. First of all, your dog will love the extra attention she receives. If she wins a photo contests you will have a year of bragging rights. But businesses also prosper from this day.

Pet stores who promote the day will garner extra attention from the customers who participate. They may sell more doggie clothing, bows and collars as people prep for the big day.

Doggie day spas and grooming services will also benefit. Pooches are trimmed, clipped, shampooed and dolled-up for photos. This means extra money for groomers and day spas. It could also lead to new clients who love your business.

Photographers who specialize in pets will be booked solid before this day. People want to show off their pets, but don’t know how to position the pet, set the lighting or anything else about photography. They will call a professional to have a photo package done for All American Pet Photo Day.

Even shelters can benefit from this day. Many shelters will charge an entry to fee to get your pet’s picture into the contests. Prizes can be donated so no money is spent by the shelter. The entry money can then be used for bedding, vaccinations and food for shelter animals. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Pick your favorite picture of Fido and post it to social media. Start your own parade with fellow dog-lovers. Organize a photo contest for your dog park friends. There are so many ways to celebrate the friend that loves you unconditionally.


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