Tips for Choosing the Right Cat for You?


Congratulations on making the decision to own a cat! We totally support this wonderful decision because we know having a cat is one of the best things in the world!  But hey, before you bring a cat to your home, you’ll first have to decide which one is the right cat for you.  Let’s help you in making that vital decision.  Read on to find out how you can choose a cat for you.

1.     Age of the Cat

The most basic and significant decision you first need to make is whether you prefer kittens or older cats.  Kittens are adorable, curious and playful beings who demand lots of attention and supervision.  Adult cats are much calmer and mature. They are less mischievous and jumpy.  Both of them can bring cuddly love into your life, but you need to figure out which one of the two you would prefer more.  Either way you will receive that extraordinary love from the little fur ball.

2.     Length of the Hair

If you choose a cat which has long furry hair then you would be required to comb and brush it for at least 10 minutes every day.  But if you think that you would be too busy to give proper attention to your cat then a short-haired cat will be the right cat for you; as short hair requires grooming only one or two days in a week.  Also, it has been typically observed that the long furry cats have a calm, laid back personality while less furry cats are more active and playful. So, choose wisely.

3.     Cat Breed

There are mixed-breed and pure breed cats to choose. Studies show that the mixed-breed cats are much healthier as compared to the pure breed cats.  The health issues are usually because of the less diverse gene pool.  Before buying a mix or pure, it is suggested to do a thorough research on each of them. Decide which cat breed you would prefer to have based on what traits of the cat breed.  Some of the popular cat breeds you might be interested in buying are Siamese and Persian. Siamese are  slender-looking with big, floppy ears while the Persian cats are the fluffy, small-faced cats.

4.     The Cat’s Personality

Like humans, cats have personalities too. So, this too could help you in choosing the right cat.  Some cats are attention seekers. They seek for their owner’s attention all the time. They want their owner to pet them and shower them with love.  Other cats like to remain aloof and are less clingy.  There are even types of cats that like to be touched or patted by their owners only. They don’t like to be caressed by strangers. On the other hand, there are cats that will jump on anybody’s lap.  Hence, if you have a big family and are thinking of bringing in a cat, please pay extra attention to this.

So, pick breed of cat at the right age with the personality you love the most!  Okay, I know it isn’t that simple.  Take the time to play with your potential new furry friend.  Don’t just take the one that looks the coolest.  You may end up with a nightmare if you don’t research and define the qualities that you want.


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