3 Best Calming Tricks for Anxiety-Prone Dogs


Anxiety-prone dogs are hard to handle, but the most loveable pet partners. I read it somewhere that there’s no bad child, only bad parent. If it is true, it applies to dog-and-owner relationship likewise. There is no bad dog, but only unaware dog-parents. Understanding matters in every relation; and your pooch is no exception.

Instead of sending the pooch to a shelter home for his bad behavior, try to understand the causes of anxious behaviors. Excessive barking, chewing and digging is an indication of boredom and lack of opportunity for the dog to invest his pent-up energies.

There are some simple calming exercises that will reduce the anxiousness of your Fido:

  1. Massage and Music:

Physical contact not only reduces human stress but also of the pets. Snuggle up against the pooch in your arms and give him a good massage daily to relax all the tensed up muscles. You can learn some calming massage tricks from Youtube. Being a dog-owner, explore the ways of therapeutic touch. You can comfort the pet by rubbing anti-anxiety aromatherapy oils into the palms of your hands before massaging him.

Other than massage, what works for my Labrador, Leo, is that he loves to listen to the soft music I listen to when I am home. It has helped me keep him calm when no one’s home. You can either play your favorite music or you may play a music specially made to tone down dog’s anxiety.

  1. Doga:

Doga is yoga with dog partner that includes stretches and moves to relax the muscles of the pooch. Moreover, it increases the blood circulation in the body that reduces stress and anxiety. The feeling of connectedness with the owner makes the Fido enjoy the doga sessions. The pooch is the center of attention of his owner which boosts his confidence and calms his anxiety caused by prolonged absence and ignorance.

Doga session benefits the dog-owner relationship by strengthening their mutual bond. As both feel connected, the owner attains a deeper understanding of dog’s body language. Moreover, the dog owners demonstrate more patience while training their Fido.

  1. Familiar and Unchanged:

Dogs get anxious in new environments, around new people, and following haphazard routines. They stay calm by following an unchanged lifestyle and disciplined routine. Even if you want to shift the Fido’s food to a better dog food brand, you should bring the change in a gradual manner so the Fido is unaware.

If you’d follow routines for the Fido, you’d realize how disciplined your life has become. If you are traveling/moving to a new place, take the food bowl, blanket, bed, crate, favorite chew toys and even a piece of cloth that has your smell to keep the pooch feel at home. Moreover, the training rule no.1 for Fidos is a consistency of commands, rewards, and punishment. It’ll make your life easier and happier.

Chew toys can keep the Fido’s anxiety in check as well. Whatever you may try for your dog, they all are surefire ways to keep the pooch calm and in control.

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