5 Ways to Control Your Cat when it Goes Crazy at the Sight of Food


Does your cat behave like Godzilla at the sight of food? Follows you around as you carry the food to its bowl? And finally when you dump its food in the bowl your cat pounces at it like a hungry wolf? If it does, this could be a cry out for help.  And you will be the one providing it.  Try the following ways to control the hunger stabs of your cat before it eats all the food in your house.

#1 Do Not Invite it to Your Dining Table

Your cat needs to be disciplined. You can do two things to make sure it doesn’t follow you to the dining table. First of all, feed it before you sit down to eat. If it’s well fed, it won’t be attracted by the smell of your food. Secondly, never give it anything from your table if it still follows you to the dining table.

You are practically inviting it to join you if you give it food from the table. Just ignore it. This way it won’t get used to excessive eating habits and will behave when you are feeding it.

#2 Keep it Away from the Kitchen

If it follows you into the kitchen just pick it up gently and take it in another room. Do this every time it follows you. Some day it will know the kitchen is off limits for it. If it grows a habit of venturing inside the kitchen in your presence or absence, it could develop a habit of eating everything in the kitchen. You will be scared to keep your food lying around on the table in your own kitchen.

#3 Give it Positive Reinforcements for Eating When it is Supposed to

Let your cat know that discipline is rewarded. Pat it, give it a massage, and let it sleep in your lap as a reward for eating at the proper schedule. It will motivate your cat to follow the feeding habits you develop for it.

#4 Ignore its Whining

You cat can make your ears bleed with its unstoppable crying. Stop its crying. First, you can ignore it. Don’t pay attention to it when you know you have fed it for the day. Don’t give in to it by running to grab more food for it. Second, if it becomes even more restless, then take it to another room and keep it locked until the whining stops. It will stop after a while. Only bring it back out when it is time for the next feed. This way, it will begin to recognize the proper time of feeding.

#5 Make Sure it Needs Food and Not Your Attention

You also need to see if its food your cat is crying for. Spend some time with it. Play with it. If your attention stops the cat from begging for food then it means it never really wanted food. It was simply trying to get you to play with it. Cats can be very needy and attention seeking.

Your cat makes you happy in dull times and brings joy to your family. Keep it healthy and happy!

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