5 Reasons Why Your Dog Pees On Your Bed


You may love your bed but sometimes, it can be destroyed if you find your dog peeing on it! This is, unfortunately, quite a common occurrence. While you may think that your dog is doing it just to be mischievous, there’s always a reason behind it. It could be anything, from fear and anxiety to your dog having mobility issues. To give you a better understanding, we have made a list of the top reasons your dog pees on your bed.

1. They May Be Afraid

One of the biggest reasons why your dog pees on your bed is because they are afraid. It may look as if he is trying to retaliate, but in reality, he might be simply scared and feeling vulnerable. It may be after you’ve told the dog off for something, and urinating on your bed makes him feel safe.

2. Marking their territory

We all know how possessive dogs can be of their own, so peeing in your bed is just another way of them marking their territory. Dogs mark their territory with urine so by peeing in a bed, they are claiming your most personal space as part of their territory. They feel the need to do this may just mean that they need some love and reassurance.

3. A change

Changes in the house can lead to your dog feeling anxious. If something in your house has changed, like the loss of a family member or pet, new furniture and paint or even moving houses, it could trigger your dog’s anxiety. This could cause him to pee in your bed in order to relieve his anxiety and comfort himself.

4. They need more bathroom breaks

To prevent dogs from peeing indoors, they need several bathroom breaks throughout the day. Your dog peeing on your bed may simply be because he needs more outings throughout the day to empty his bladder. Take your dog out more often, especially after mealtimes and at night before he goes to sleep. It could also be a sign that he is completely potty trained so he needs additional training.

5. Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition that exists in dogs as well. Having this condition can make it difficult for your dog to be fully mobile. This could, in turn, make it difficult for him to get off your bed just in time before an accident takes place.  To add to that, dogs with arthritis may not completely empty their bladders on a bathroom break, which could later lead to them peeing in your bed. While arthritis is common in older dogs, it can also exist in younger ones. To find out if your dog is suffering from this condition, take him to the vet.

You now know the reasons why your dog may be peeing in your bed and can deal with the issue accordingly. Keep in mind that it’s a temporary issue and can be prevented if dealt with correctly.



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