Fluff and Paws Natural Products


Fluff and Paws Natural Products supplies organic and natural products for pets. We offer peace of mind and comfort to:

You — In knowing that all of our ingredients are 100% natural and in a majority of or products organic. We also provide resources to help relieve conditions and ensuring that your pet is whole from the inside out.

Your Pet — Providing products that soothe their body and soul

We began to formulate and use natural products on our dogs as we began to become more aware of the chemicals and toxic ingredients that are in many commercial products. Knowing what we know, we changed our habits and it feels good to know that we hand scoop, stir, and mix ingredients ourselves.

Our little Chihuahua also has severe skin allergies and nothing seemed to work for her outside of medication. We’ve been blessed with so many natural things on this earth to heal ourselves (and in this case our pets), that we don’t need to run to the doctor or vet to get a medication every time we aren’t 100%. With that said, every product that we intend to put out will be done in love…for you, our customers, and your pets.

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