Iguana Summer Homes; Planning the Enclosure


Iguanas are cold blooded creatures and they are active and energetic. They will need a shelter where they can move around freely and at the same time it is warm and comfortable for them. The young iguana will also grow faster to a larger size with proper food and environment.

They like to bask in sun during the day break to get warmth to keep their body at a higher temperature. So you should be able to care of these primary needs when you plan to construct a shelter for them.

You can consider some of the possibilities below for iguana enclosures:

One of the options is to make a shelter for iguana in a closet. It may though take some time to recycle the closet, but it will make a perfect home for iguana. You can use a secured closet. The size should be big enough for iguana to roam around in it. A two foot or higher depth can be used, if it has sufficient height. This size is enough for a small iguana. The male iguana will find it as a confinement unless there is additional provision for him to move outside the closet to play and jump around. If you interact with your pet daily, it will make him more homely and it will have confidence in you.

An open cage may not be suitable in view of the climate, and iguana will feel cold and may become sick. The closet is a better alternative in that respect to provide the heated place with a controlled temperature. But there are some disadvantages with using a closet. It has a confined space and it is difficult to clean it. At the same time, you have to provide water in it and it may not be closer to a sink or bathroom. Making the closet a safe and clean shelter for you iguana is a real perplexing task.

You should not provide a very big space also as iguana may hide somewhere away from heat. You can use the lower two feet storage place. Some iguana will usually try to hide in the bottom portion. They may fall sick and get hypothermia.

It is better to provide a circular closet bar and a shelf on top. If you fix the lights on bar, these will lie too low. The lights can be fixed at the top with some clips. Always try to allow for the maximum space for iguana. You can use the closet doors for its enclosure. It will retain the heat inside, but at the same time stop the air circulation. So, alternatively you can put a screen door at the place of closet door.

The screen door can be inset on one side and you can pull the lock during cold nights. The Plexiglas front doors will be better. There should be the vent holes provided on the wall above the door for ventilation

These are a few ideas for using the closet as an enclosure for iguana’s dwelling.

You can improvise your way for comfort and safety of your pet iguana.

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