Exciting Facts About the Baby Green Iguana

Green iguana eating

Iguanas are a variety of reptiles, which are mostly found all over Central and South America. There is a green breed of iguanas, that is commonly seen in Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and Caribbean Islands. Green iguana is the favorite of hunters, but it is not yet considered as imperiled breed of animals anywhere as is sometimes misunderstood like that. Hunters prefer to catch the large female iguanas. Green iguana is recognized as “Bamboo Chicken” and is a favorite delicacy for many people.

Appearance of the Green Iguana

The green iguana normally grows between 4′ to 6′. Some of them excessively grow and are even 7′ in length. Their tail constitutes almost half of their total length. In spite of being green they have a dominant black stripe on the body. They have monochromatic green color. Their green shade is different from bright green or grayish and dull green. Their skin is rough like rasps and they have pointed scurfs on their back. They possess big claws and long fingers and can effortlessly grasp and climb up.

Their Habitat

The baby green iguanas are mostly brought up in the rainforests in tropical regions particularly in places having lower altitudes and approachable water bodies like rivers and streams. They spend most of their time to grow in the forest generally at a height of forty to fifty feet from ground.

The Splendid Features of Baby Green Iguanas

Besides their rigid claws and large fingers, the baby iguanas have several admirable features. These baby iguanas have a very sharp sense of hearing, smell and sight. Their tail is their defensive measure. It is pointed at the end. When they sense any danger they flick the tail high up in the air. Many times, the vultures will get a chance and snatch the tail apart. It can grow again without impairment. These animals have very tough skin, which can ward off scratches or cuts and it is also resistant to water. The skin pigmentation is helpful to the baby iguanas as they can hide by camouflaging particularly when they are feeling danger of marauders in some region. So many times when they are noticed by predators, baby iguanas will straightaway jump and plunge into water from trees. They are fantabulous swimmers as well.

Over and above these qualities, the baby green iguanas are very strong. They jump and fall from the height of 40 to 50 feet without any sign of injury and stay safe and sound. The male iguanas are found with a flap called dewlap on ir skin. They impress their female iguana with this flap. Also, their dewlap is useful to scare the predator.

They use dewlaps to look bigger in size. They have another peculiar quality that they can store the fat below their neck or jaws for a very long time, especially during those times of scarcity of food.

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