Animal Celebration Days: National Lost Dogs Awareness Day April 23rd


If there is one event that can be devastating to an individual or family, it’s having a pet that gets lost. No matter the circumstances, not knowing what has happened to your beloved pet is something that never leaves your mind. However, to bring awareness about the plight of lost dogs everywhere, April 23rd has been designated National Lost Dogs Awareness Day. The first annual event, created by Susan Taney and Kathy Pobloskie, aims to bring to the forefront the fact that every year thousands of dogs become lost from their owners and wind up in animal shelters, where many are unfortunately euthanized. In hopes of greatly reducing this number, Susan and Kathy plan on making this an annual event that people across the country can participate in, ensuring the issue of lost dogs never strays far from people’s minds.

Many Successful Reunions

While having a lost pet can devastate an owner, the good news is that the Lost Dogs of America chapters in such states as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, and other states have played a large role in helping many dogs reunite and live happily ever after with their owners. Since various chapters of Lost Dogs of America are made up exclusively of volunteers, the work they have done is simply astounding. Since 2010, these and other chapters of the organization have reunited over 21,000 dogs with their families, a statistic that will certainly bring a tear to your eye.

The Role of Social Media

Like most other events in people’s lives that gets captured and then posted to such fantastic sites as Facebook and Twitter, lost dogs are no exception. If you lose your dog, posting your dog’s picture and story on Facebook and Twitter can simply work wonders. Using this technique, various Lost Dogs of America chapters have made sure people everywhere take a second look at that dog they just passed.

How Can I Participate?

To truly celebrate National Lost Dogs Awareness Day on April 23rd, it would be great if you would volunteer your time and talent with a local Lost Dogs group. In addition to making both dogs and owners happy with unexpected reunions, you could also provide hope and encouragement to those owners who are still looking for their faithful companions. Whatever you choose to do, it’s clear that April 23rd will indeed be a special one across the country.

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