Animal Celebration Days: June 23rd National Take Your Dog to Work Day


June 23rd is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. First celebrated in 1999, this holiday was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate dogs and the wonderful companions they are to many people. By seeing the bonds formed by coworkers and their canine friends, PSI hopes to encourage others to adopt dogs into their own homes and hearts.

Why Take A Dog To Work?

The presence of a dog in your life can be overwhelmingly positive. Our furry friends have proven to be very beneficial to happiness and overall health. They can diminish loneliness, increase our life span, and add much joy to our lives. Taking your dog to work is a tremendous way to share your love of your dog with others, while providing an enjoyable adventure for your pooch. Most dogs are naturally inquisitive and love exploring new environments and meeting new people. The sights and smells may be overwhelming though, so providing a quiet place to rest at times may be a wise idea. If your dog is very excitable, it may also be smart to just bring him in for half a day and take him home at lunch. Whatever you do, don’t leave your dog unattended in your vehicle as temperatures in June can be high enough to kill a dog in a short period of time.

What To Do If You Can’t Bring Your Dog To Work?

Though there are several pet friendly work environments that embrace National Take Your Dog to Work Day, many industries do not due to safety or health reasons. Even if your workplace does allow it, your canine friend may not be a suitable fit for the holiday due to temperament or nervous issues. In these cases you could always bring in pictures of your dog to share with coworkers and decorate your workplace. Perhaps a trip home with a special treat during your lunch hour would help you celebrate the holiday to the best of your ability.

Big or small, long haired or short, no matter what breed or mix of breeds you love, there’s no denying that dogs are an integral part of lives and quickly become family members in their own right. This June take some time to show your appreciation for your pooch by celebrating National Take Your Dog to Work Day in whatever manner you are able. You’ll have fun and he will too.

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