Adopting a Rescue Dog


There is something special about adopting a rescue dog. Rather than going to the local pet store and shelling out hundreds of dollars, it’s often very cost effective to give an animal a second chance at a good life. While it is a noble gesture that often ends well, there are some things to take into consideration when adopting a rescue. One some occasions, these pets have often been the victims of abuse and will have behavioral issues to overcome. Still, adopting a rescue pet is one of the best things you can do. Here are some pros and cons to keep you informed about this process.


Often the best relationships come from a rescue dog and their owner. The pets remember their pasts and most generally warm up to those who are good to them. They will be loving, caring, and most of all protective. They will care for their owners and often bond deeply. They are often grateful for a nice bed and a bowl of food.

It’s a noble gesture to adopt a pet that’s been through abuse. So many people want to go into debt to get an animal when there are plenty that are available. The adoption fees are generally small and nowhere near what going to a puppy mill would cost. It’s saving a dog from an untimely death and erasing their painful past with a bright future.

Every year 2.7 million animals are euthanized in the United States. Adoption saves animals from being put down and is an awesome gesture. If an animal has been in a shelter, they will have plenty of socialization and usually don’t have any problems with other animals too. If you want to add a pal for another dog, it’s usually no problem.

Adopting a rescue animal doesn’t support unhealthy puppy mills. It also allows you to have a friend for life. A dog that is in the shelter’s care doesn’t always mean it was abused. It could mean the owners moved or got too sick or old to take care of them. Shelter dogs can be just as kind and gentle as a dog at the pet-store.

Due to the fact that most animals who are rescued are older, it’s possible to find a dog that is potty-trained or mostly trained. It can make bathroom issues easier to deal with and they are not in the early puppy stages.


Just like adopting a child who has been through a tragic past, it isn’t always easy. Some of these animals have been through bad situations. Rescue animals may be skittish, aggressive, and even downright mean. Most behaviors can be overcome with intensive training and plenty of understanding. However, be prepared for a few rough weeks. This is to be expected as they acclimate to their new environment.

Often there are health problems with a rescue dog. They may not have been abused, but rather they may have suffered from neglect. They could have medication conditions that require a veterinarian’s assistance. If they are of an advanced age it increases the chances. Make a checklist of all the problems you notice and make sure to give it to the vet for an evaluation.

A rescue animal may not bond right away with a family; this is especially true of abused animals. They may be afraid of anyone and everything. It may take a great deal of time to heal the inner wounds to allow them to trust again.

You probably won’t know the dog’s full history, and you may never know their breed. However, it doesn’t really matter about their breed if you fall in love with them. Their history can provide vital information, but a vet can also help you to ensure their health for the future.

The Importance of Having A Good Vet

This checklist shows that there are so many reasons why you need to adopt a rescue animal. When you adopt a dog, you need to immediately have them evaluated by a vet. A veterinarian can easily locate any issues that are of concern and offer a treatment plan. Most dogs are in perfect health, but having a vet on your team to help can be advantageous. If there are behavioral problems or aggression issues, there are medications and treatments to help with these issues too. If you are looking for a canine friend, you should, at least, consider adopting from a local rescue or shelter. Shelter dogs make some of the best pets ever!

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