6 Reasons for Excessive Drooling of Your Dog

All dogs generally drool so you may not notice it when your dog starts drooling excessively.  However, you must keep an eye on it. If you notice that it is drooling too much, it may be time to take it to a professional.  Till you do that, here are a few reasons that may be the reasons for the excessive drooling.

#1 Lodging of Foreign Object in the Mouth

Your dog loves playing fetch. While it fetches the ball for you, she may eat dirt or stones or pieces of wood accidentally. The foreign object can create a wound inside the mouth.

Some dogs may drool due to the untended wound. Try pulling the object out yourself when you are cleaning its mouth. Be careful when you pry your darling dog’s mouth open. Not many dogs like it when you poke inside their mouth. Take your dog to the vet if you can’t dislodge the object yourself.

#2 Anxiety due to Travelling

Many dogs drool a lot when they get anxious in your car. The second it’ll be out of the car, your dog will be fine. Sometimes, dogs feel nausea in cars. Nausea causes production of extra saliva. If your dog continues to have nausea even outside of the car then you should take it to your vet for treatment.

#3 Bad Teeth

If your dog has rotten or decaying teeth, it may cause it to drool excessively. Check its teeth. If there is too much tartar on its teeth, get professional cleaning. Later on, you can regularly brush its teeth so you can protect the teeth from further damage.

#4 Emotional Stimulus

Dogs are very sensitive creatures. The change in their emotions can cause excessive drooling. You may have noticed your best friend salivating as it tries to grab the treat you are dangling over its head. So, he drools a lot when it gets over excited.

Your furry friend can also drool a lot when he or she is feeling sick. Most of the times, motion sickness, especially due to travelling in cars can cause too much drooling. Dogs get anxious or nervous in cars. This extra drooling is completely normal.

#5 Liver Disease

Excessive drooling is one of the symptoms if your dog has liver disease. To be sure if that is the case, look out for other symptoms that could point out to liver disease as well. Some other symptoms of a liver disease in a dog could be, weight loss, poor coordination etc.

#6 Tumor

Check your dog’s mouth to see if there is any growth inside it like a lump. If that is the case, then your dog may be developing a tumor which is causing excess drooling. Any lump inside the mouth will cause pain and spread quickly. Visit your veterinarian with your dog as soon as you find the tumor.


Always check with your vet when you have suspicions of larger issue.  A dog is the most loyal friend you can have. Look out for their health. You may have trouble identifying these causes initially, but when you look closely you might find something that will save your dog’s life before it’s too late.

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